What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the way to give a human like brain to the robots and machinery. AI makes it possible for machines to:

  • Learn from their previous experiences
  • Adjust to new inputs as designed
  • Perform human like tasks as per the requirement

Some examples about the wonders of artificial intelligence that you hear about today are:

  • Chess playing computers
  • Self-driving cars
  • Robo readers
  • Word predictions
  • Plagiarism checkers etc.

These wonders of AI rely profoundly on deep learning and natural language processing. By the Use of these technologies, computers can be trained and programmed to accomplish certain tasks. This can be accomplished by processing the large amounts of information data and after recognizing patterns in that data.

History of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is not an ancient history of the artificial intelligence. The term artificial intelligence was recognized precisely in 1956. By the time, this term AI has become more popular today. Paying the gratitude to the:

  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Increased Data Volumes
  • Improved Storage Security
  • Improvements In Computing Power
Early Times – 20th Century

AI research was started early in the 1950s. The extensively explored topics were mostly alike these:

  • Problem solving
  • Symbolic methods

The US Department of Defense, in probably 1960s, took interest in this type of work. They began the training of computers to mimic basic human reasoning that how a computer comprehends against the different stimuli.

Present Day – 21st Century

This early work was of extensive research. It cleared and paved the way for the automation and formal reasoning. The reason behind whatever features we enjoy in computers today is the early time’s research. The wonders include decision support systems and smart search systems that can be designed and programmed accordingly to complement the augmented human abilities.

But you don’t have to worry! The current evolution of Artificial Intelligence is not that scary as it is portrayed in the Hollywood movies and science fiction novels.

The depicted AI i.e. human-like robots that take over the world, is not that dangerous in reality as in the movies. Instead, AI has been focus and evolved to a magnificent level. It provides many benefits in almost every industry in the market.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used

Seeing around the market, every industry has a high demand for Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Especially, the question answering systems are of great need that can be used to answer for:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Patent Searches
  • Risk Notification
  • Medical Research

Other uses of Artificial intelligence (AI) in the major sectors of the industry include:

  • Health Care Sector

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides with a range of applications for personalized medicine and X-ray readings. Such applications and its functions like Personal health care assistants can act as life coaches. They remind the user or the customer to take their pills, do exercise or to eat healthier.

  • Retail Shops

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has provided the retail industry with a wide range of virtual shopping capabilities. Such capabilities are offering personalized recommendations.

    They also discuss the purchase options with the consumer of what should buy according to their needs. Furthermore, the latest improvements by AI are required in the Stock management and site layout technologies.

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is famous for analyzing factory’s Internet of Things (IoT) data. This has become a present day requirements as it streams from connected equipment to:

  • Forecast expected load

  • Demand using recurrent networks

  • Note: There is a specific type of deep learning network which is used with sequence data. It is usually known as the recurrent networks.

  • Banking Sector

  • The AI aka Artificial Intelligence is famous for enhancing the human efforts by:

    • Speed
    • Precision
    • Effectiveness
    • AI capabilities are also required in financial institutions like banks, insurance offices or the saving centers. Within the banking sector, AI techniques can be used widely:

    • To identify which transactions are more likely to be fraudulent
    • The adoption of fast and accurate credit scoring
    • The automation of the intense data management tasks which are undertaken manually

Significance of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

We have been discussing about the Artificial Intelligence and how it is making wonders happen on the daily basis. It is a kind of computer system which is programmed specifically to perform a certain task. It is able to perform a task with complete focus. It has been playing a vital role in our daily life routine and other operations for about a century now. Let us discuss its importance as follows:

  • AI is responsible for automating the repetitive learning and discovering the repetition by going through the data.

  • AI if famous for its genuine feature that it adds intelligence to the existing products.

  • AI learns from the concepts of progressive learning algorithms and then it lets the data do the programming.

  • AI analyzes data in a deeper way by using neural networks that usually has many hidden layers.

  • AI accomplishes the impossible now. It can achieve complete accuracy through deep neural networks.

  • AI takes out the information mostly from of data, this type data becomes the intellectual property when the algorithms are self-learning.

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