What is Cloud Computing?

We have surely heard so much about the cloud computing. Some must have said it was a necessary need in this era. While, some people would also recommend it saying that it is not secure. Let us make it very easy for you.

We will describe this in a very simple concept for all of you. Let us put it this way,

Cloud Computing is generally referred to deliver the computing services. These services include the following:

  • Servers
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Analytics
  • Intelligence
  • Databases
  • Software
  • Faster innovation

All the above listed services are provided by the Internet which means “the cloud”. The cloud computing also offers a few more services i.e. economies of scale along with flexible resources. In this way, you typically only have to pay for the cloud services only that you are using. This helps you in:

  • Lowering your recurring operating costs
  • Run the infrastructure with better efficiency and effectivity
  • Scale more as the business processes require change after every while

Type of Cloud Computing, the Technology for Today:

As we have discussed about cloud storages, it is pretty clear that not all cloud systems are going to be same. A single type of cloud services are never going to be the right one for everyone according to their requirements.

Over the time, a number of different cloud computing storages have evolved. These are different in the basis of models, types, and services according to the business needs and natures. What you, as a user, need to know first is the type of architecture or cloud deployment your business will require. The services you require will be implemented directly on that cloud architecture.

Till day, we have come to a point where we get three basic ways to deploy cloud services on:

  • Private Cloud Services
  • Public Cloud Services
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Public Cloud:

  • Usually, the owners of the Public clouds will be the third party entities. The services are also operated by these cloud services providers who are mostly working as third party entities. These cloud services providers deliver the cloud computing resources over the internet. These services include storage facilities and servers over the Internet.

    Moreover, while going for the public cloud systems, we would like to inform you that most of the ownership is shifted to the cloud provider. This means that all supporting material and even the hardware, software, are managed and owned by the cloud provider. The business employees and even the administrators can access the services and also manage their account while they use a web browser.

  • Private Cloud:

    If the cloud computing services and resources are solely and wholly owned by a one organization or business, this is known as a private cloud. The location or physical deployment of a private cloud may be at the on-site data centers of the business’ proposed location.

    Some companies or businesses also prefer to pay third party cloud computing service providers to also host their private cloud network for them on another designated location for them. What you need to be very clear about the private cloud computing is this that all the infrastructure including all other services are managed on a private network too.

  • Hybrid Cloud:

    Speaking of public and private cloud services at two different ends, there is a combination of both known as Hybrid clouds. These clouds are made by combining public as well as the private clouds. Both the clouds bond together by such a technological algorithms that it allows them to share the data along with the applications between them.

    This data sharing between and movement of applications in between both the private as well as public clouds can be very beneficial for the businesses. It will provide the businesses with the following:

    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Greater flexibility
    • A variety of deployment options
    • Helps in infrastructure enhancement

Usefulness of Cloud Computing Services for Your Business:

It has not been ages that cloud computing was introduced. The first cloud computing services are not more than decade old. However, the usage of the technology has already reached boom. Organizations from all around the world are embracing the technology for their better task management and performance.

Let’s break another news to you. It is that you are also using cloud computing at the moment. You might not have realized it till now. Mostly likely cloud computing is serving as the technology behind; if you using any online service to:

  • Watch movies or TV
  • Edit documents
  • Send email
  • Listen to music
  • Play games
  • Store pictures and other files

Below here, we are about to list a few examples of how cloud computing services can help the world with today’s possibilities. The cloud provider is going to provide you with the following cloud computing services as a third party.

  • Creation of Cloud-Native Applications

  • This refers to the quick development, deployment, and scaling of the application. These applications are mostly on web, mobile, and API.

  • Applications Development and Testing

  • The cost and time of the application development is reduced.

  • Store, Back Up and Recover Data

  • The data is protected at massive level and thus it reduces the cost as well. The usage of internet makes it possible to access the data from any other location or device.

  • Audio and Video Streaming

  • It provides the audience with a facility to connect with the high definition audio and video from anywhere and anytime.

  • Embedded Intelligence

  • Customers and user engagement is generated with the use intelligent models. It helps provide the audience with the valuable insights from the data captured.

  • Delivery of the Software On Demand

  • There are different versions of the on demand software which is also known as software as a service (SaaS). It updates accordingly of the users and customers need whenever they need or wherever they need.

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