To start the discussion on how technology has contributed in the education sector, we should know what technology itself means. Technology itself has a wide scope and has been contributing all the sectors of industry in various ways and times.

It can simply be defined as:

The use of knowledge and techniques to get certain required output from a certain amount of input.”

Technology can also be described as:

Technology is the use of methods, tact, art and techniques to accomplish a task or achieve an objective; such as: scientific research or investigation.



The word “Education” has been taken down form a Latin language word i.e. ‘educatio’. The English translation to the word ‘educatio’ means ‘upbringing, breeding and nourishing’.

There is another term from the Latin word ‘educo’, it means ‘leading, raising up and conducting’.

History of Technological Education

Education sector has been making continuous developments so far. Since the start of making education publicly commercial, the world is making continuous changes. Therefore, the education sector needs an upgradation every now and then.

In classical times, only the elites could afford education. Not everyone could easily have access to the books. People from far flung areas and regions had to reach a central area or urban place to access to books, libraries, educational institutions.

People were not even familiar with the word ‘technology’ before the 20th century. The people who wanted to pursue a career in invention sector used to get their admissions in the “study of the useful arts”.

The term and study of the “technical education” came on paper in 1861 when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established.

Contributions of Technology to the Education Sector:

Technology has increased the level of education in this era. Obviously, a cynic would say it is still the same, because it is not. It has improved over the time. Technology has its profound impacts on the modern day education system.

As a whole, scope of education has widened with the help of technology. The problem of unaffordability and distance issues has been resolved with time and the advent of the technology. Group studies are made even more easy and handy.

There is immense range of related information available over various sites over the internet. Technology has surely made life and education easy for the kids and even at the doctorate level. Let us explain how.

  • E-Books

  • You are going to be very happy because we are going to introduce you to a very satisfying truth. Technology could not help us and our children in any better way. Yes, you don’t have to worry about the books, taking care of them and also about their weight. We know carrying the books and keeping all in the bag has always been the worst nightmare of kids back in school and colleges.

    Now a days, you can get a PDF version of each and every book downloaded in your kindle or iPads or even laptops. Some book versions are paid but which hard copy is not paid, after all? You can download all in your iPads. Also, a variety of reference books can be downloaded. Notes can also be maintained along with them in the gadgets. So weight carrying is no more a style. Easy education is the new era.

  • Epistemic Games

  • Technology has indeed refined and redefined the education completely. Students from around the globe have been given a range of interesting ways of learning. They can be interesting songs way to learn or even a list of epistemic games.

    These games are interesting and also the people and kids find them addicting. How would it be if addiction gives you education and constructive learning?

    These games will give a real time experience to the players about the roles like: journalist, engineer, city planner, architects etc. these games and simulation-like activities help the students learn essential concepts.

  • Storytelling and Multimedia

  • Technology has also contributed in a way that demonstration of study topics and monotonous content is made easy. With the use of multimedia and different audio visual aids, even a hard topic can also be made interesting.

    Have you ever wondered what make the kids hate education? Homework and assignments of course!

    Why not giving them an overview of a tool or new software and ask them for making as assignment on the new computer software? Of course it gets interesting this way. The student would enjoy the assignment and homework will become a joy.

    A lot of the big schools have been using the multimedia to demonstrate the class topic to the students. It has given comparatively better outcomes. Students also enjoy storytelling by making transitional presentations and putting them on multimedia. Such competitions are very productive.

  • Group Study and Sharing Study Material

  • You can look up to wikis for a range of content now. Also, Google docs helps us to make documents collaboratively. Sharing of the study material has become easy by technology. Learning has become easy and education level of the students have increased.

    Today, a large amount of guides are there. There is content available to be shared in the form of books, audio, video etc. Internet has made all easy and accessible for multiple users at one time, even the libraries and e-books as well. You can learn from all over the world separately and collectively with just the help of your computer or laptops.

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