What is Technology?

Basically, technology is a wide term and everyone has an understanding of it in their own way and level of comprehending its scope. We use technology to improve our existing abilities. This makes people a crucial part of the whole technological system.

We use technology in our daily routine to get assistance and guidance in almost everything.


Technology can be defined as follows:

Technology is the production of goods and services; as an outcome of a set of skillful practices, tactful methods, techniques and processes.

In our life, we apply the defined principles and processes of science to get solutions to our minor and major problems, and then we call it technology.

What is Information Technology?

Technology’s best kind is information technology. The specific technology is a set of both hardware and software tools with the use of information and data. These tools are used to store, transmit and also to process the information data.


Information Technology is usually abbreviated as IT. It can be defined as:

The use of computers, networking and storage devices along with the infrastructure and processes in order to store, create, comprehend and exchange all these forms of secured electronic data.

The main purpose of the information technology is to preserve the information and also to provide the right information in the right time and to the right concerned person.

Evolution of Information Technology (IT)

In the mid of 19th century was the revolutionary era of industrialization. It prevailed the whole of 20th century as well. It was the golden era of the industrial upheaval. However, time has gone and has become part of the history now. Today is the time of information. The new economic environment depends upon the information.

Contribution of Information Technology (IT) in Business

While the technology has become so vast and handy that economy survives over the information technology. We are living in the era of information and technology has kept in moving.

The information age has also helped all kinds of small and medium sized businesses to grow in the competitive industry. It helps to manage the processes on the tools and result in ensuring high accuracy and effectiveness.

How does Information Technology (IT) Work?

Information technology has played quite a generous part within the world if industry and organization in this era. Thus, this information age is surely crazy! It is used by the workers to store, comprehend and transfer the data for the effective decision making in order to improve the customer service.

Let’s discuss more specifically about what has information technology contributed.

Information Technology with Software and Hardware

Just as we are humans, we have a body and the soul. Body is the existential part and soul is mortal. It goes similar in the world of information technology. IT have a range of layers within the equipment which is the hardware. Along with the hardware, it requires main operating system and other application software to perform the basic necessary functions.

Other hardware devices and software that come under the umbrella of information technology are laptops, recorders, camcorders, smartphones, headsets etc. The method for the storage of the data is basically taken from the architectural methodologies and regulations.

Furthermore, in the information technology, comes the business applications which are majorly developed in computer languages such as: Java, C#, C++, Python, WordPress, Php (laravel) etc. The most common types of software are listed as under:

  • Web applications
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Business Intelligence Solutions (BIS) etc.

These applications are programmed according to the instructions for execution to manipulate, disperse, consolidate or affect data for a business purpose. Information Technology is further moving towards the cloud computing principles where the need of servers is replaced by clouds i.e. keeping the data virtually somewhere on a remotely placed server.

Information Technology in Education & Professionalism

To manager the organization’s information technology architecture and assets, there needs a team to hire for the administration and other technical tasks. The team should be having a wide range of educational and professional experience. They should have the technology knowledge and the required skill set to support the applications, equipment and the activities related to them. Usually third party contractors and vendors can do this tasks on demand.

The field is quite versatile. You can either excel in developing various range of software, application management or you might be dealing with hardware and its components. The hardware field usually deals in desktop support, servers’ administration or network architectural tasks.

Worried about how would you get in actually?

Well, that’s not to worry much but a lot of focus and dedication will get you there. You must know a bit of all, do not miss anything. For the reason is that the information technology roles are basic but focused.

Major Careers in IT Sector

The companies, these days, require an experienced professional who has an overlapping and mixed skill set. However, following are the major Information Technology sector jobs you should look up for if you are an IT professional:

  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Administration
  • Data Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer

Sifting through the careers portal of each organization and finding nothing may bother you. So, we listed the major ones for you. Good luck!

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