What is Technology?

Technology is a wide term. It is the knowledge which is used to serve in creation of tools and actions to process and extract the materials. We use technology in our daily life for getting assistance in almost everything. Thus, everyone understands it their own way of comprehending its scope.

Basically, we use technology in order to enhance our existing abilities and it makes people a crucial part of the whole system.

Technology and Science

Technology is basically the application of science. We apply the defined principles and processes of science to solve our minor and major problems, and then call it technology.

On the other hand, this is also very important to know that science and technology are two different subjects. Although they work hand in hand in order to complete and accomplish certain tasks. But both are two different term.

Continuous Advancements in Technology

It will not be wrong if we say that technology is in a state of continuous change. It is dynamically upgrading. It is advancing as per the requirements of our needs. Also, our needs and demands change because technology keeps on inventing new stuff. Thus, it is a complimentary vice versa process.

Industrial Age

Well, the second half of the 19th century and the 20th century has been the golden era of industrialization. It was a time for industrial revolution. The time has gone and has become history now.

Information Age

The new economic environment depends upon the information. Today is the time of information. We are living in the era of information and technology has kept in moving. While the technology has become so vast and handy that economy survives over the information technology. The information age has also helped all kinds of small and medium sized businesses to grow in the competitive industry.

Types of Technology

Technology comes in various forms. In order to serve all kinds of tasks and sectors, technology has become a versatile all-rounder. We are going to list down various types of technology which help us on daily basis in this age of information.

  • Communication Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Medical/Health Technology
  • Assistive Technology
  • Entertainment Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Business Technology
  • Education Technology
  • Communication Technology

  • Technology can work wonders. Communication is a major part of daily life. It is necessary to communicate and transfer information. We need to convey our ideas, express the emotions and exchange information.

    Technology provides a system of technical means to transmit the data and information from a person to another and from a place to another. Such technology provided means are phones, computers, fax, emails and other messaging tools. Such tools can be used on individual level and also on the business and organization level.

  • Information Technology

  • Out of all, technology’s best kind is information technology. The specific technology is a set of both hardware and software tools. These tools are used to store, transmit and also to process the information.

    The main purpose is to preserve the information and also to provide the right information in the right time and to the right concerned person.

    This is a part of information age that within organization:

    • The workers store and comprehend the information
    • Transfer it correctly to the concerned person
    • Make the decisions accordingly
    • Use the information technology to improve their customer service

    Thus, the information age is crazy! It helps to manage the processes on the tools and result in ensuring high accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Medical or Health Technology

  • Health or medical technology helps in extending and improving the human life span. This type of technology has its sole purpose to provide a remedy and cure. It has to reduce the pain in case of an injury. In the major developed countries, they have proper healthcare systems with medical facilities and latest technology.

    Health technology helps the medics and saves time by:

    • Diagnosing infections
    • Treating the diseases
    • Providing the bodily Tests
    • Researching about incurable diseases.
  • Assistive Technology

  • The word ‘Assistive’ describes helping and giving an extra hand. It is used by the people who suffer from certain disabilities. They use this technology in order to do their daily life routine tasks and also the professional tasks in case they are working.

    This technology is being used widely and in many ways. Schools and such handicapped people are using for so long. Special schools use this technology to help the kids with disabilities to learn in a better and effective way.

    This helps them is listening and moving their jammed joints and helping them move the disabled bodies. The use of speech recognition is one the technology wonders working for welfare. There is a variety of supporting equipment launched by assistive technology.

  • Entertainment Technology

  • Entertainment is one essential part of life. As is it said, ‘all the work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. We believe it is true. The entertainment industry is too broad that every other person has his own way to enjoy and get entertained.

    Technology has brought a wonderful hack name ‘entertainment’ to make people happy and pleased. There are a number of audio visual songs, video games, movies, animations, simulations, and interactive social platforms to keep us entertained.

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