Technology is one the hottest topic in the current modernized era. Now a days, people talk about each other less. While, they do more discussion about technology and science. How they both held hands and changed the world around them thoroughly.

About 200-300 years ago, no one even used the word “technology” even. But today the same word is doing wonders.


The word “technology" has been derived from two words from the Greek language.

  • The first word is “techne”. It means “art or skills performed by hand while using the mind”.
  • The second word is “logia”. It means “logic and ways to do something”.

Therefore, according to the Greek methodology, technology means the “Science of craft”.


As a result of continuous research of the scientists and the linguistics, technology can be defined as follows:

Technology is the production of goods and services; as an outcome of a set of skillful practices, tactful methods, techniques and processes.

Another as aspect of Technology can also be defined as:

Technology is the use of methods, tact, art and techniques to accomplish a task or achieve an objective; such as: scientific research or investigation.

Also, it can be simply described as:

The use of knowledge and techniques to get certain required output from a certain amount of input.

Examples of Technology

In the present day era, technology is everywhere. Let us list a few examples from our daily life and you will be awed with the technology wonders.

  • Transporting water from tanks till the tap
  • The mobile gadgets and laptops
  • The use of ploughs for the agricultural land
  • The production of electricity
  • The 3G, 4G networks
  • The radio and televisions
  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Making of clothes
  • Even cooking food or baking

Hence, you cannot undo technology. Wherever you will move your face, you will see the wonderful uses of technology.


Technology itself is a pretty crazy invention. The man is constantly curious. He has been through so many changes i.e. the changes within along with the external changes in the environment. Since, going through so many changes, change has become an active part of human nature.

It is also been said a lot of times generally that “nothing in this world is continuous but change”. Man has owned it whole heartedly. Thus, all this mankind is doing is running after the betterment and upgradation in everything.

It is considered widely that English language is so enriched. Without being this fact, the term ‘technology’ was not common. Isn’t it unfair? Before the 20th century, people were not familiar with the word.

The people who wanted to pursue a career in invention used to get enrolled in the “study of the useful arts”. The term and study of the “technical education” came on paper in 1861 when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established.

Well, this was an overview to the foundation of present day modern technology. However, in literal and practical forms, technology was a part of the mankind and the whole world since the ancient times.

Upgradation Stages of Technology:

Technology was born long before when the day first tried to have a useful way of stone. There have been years and centuries have passed to reach where the time is today. Let us have a brief bird’s eye view about what has been happening all these years. Since after the world have been formed, what stages and changes this mankind has gone through:

Ancient Times

The simplest and the most basic form of technology was when the man invented stones and then fire. Fire and stones were used altogether to make the basic tools. The times got better and man discovered metals. He invented clothes and metal tools.

Prehistoric Phase

The history is about to get much better in the prehistoric phase. When man learned more and better uses of fire such as:

  • Molding metals
  • Reshaping stones
  • Cooking food etc.

Stone Age

Then Stone Age came and man started living a complete life with everything made of stones. Later on as the time went on, life on man kept on upgrading too.

Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution phase came and man started made a good use of resources like food and metals. The invention of wheel was made. Thus, a new era of traveling started. Man could transport himself and also the goods from one place to another on wheels.

Medieval and Classical Age

As the times got better, discoveries starting coming back to back. There were major inventions and developments in the history of science and technology. The big step was for creating the bridge for communication barrier. Hence, telegram and then telephone was invented.

Modern Day Technology

This should better be told by you. What wonders and what a life is being managed in this century. Be it on the individual level, organizational level or even the government level. Technology is serving each and every tier of human life in its own unique way.

  • Talking about transportation

  • We have airways, roads network, railways and also just the right vehicle for its purpose is available.

  • Talking about communication

  • We have received latest technology mobile gadgets with a number of secured channels and mediums for conversations.

  • Talking about Equipment

  • We have the latest and modern technology health equipment, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, war equipment and even the explosives.

  • Globalization

  • It has been said on multiple places and multiple times that this world has become a global village. Keeping that fact in mind. Ever wondered that how it did happen?

  • Networking

  • Obviously, the contributions from the technology increased the networking and it resulted in ultimate globalization.

Such inventions and discoveries came through the life span of mankind. It took generations and centuries to where we are now. Through all these years of struggle and hard work, man has invented or discovered the comforts for him and the people around as well.

It is said that man has invented technology. But certainly technology has invented the leisure and contributed for the leisure in man’s life. There was nothing like the leisure class before, but has been invested after all the inventions of technology. There is still much more to come!

Impacts of Technology on Major Sectors of Industry

As we have discussed previously that technology has invented comfort. Well, this is not the only thing that technology has invented. For a very long time now, technology has been playing a very vital role in man’s life. It is actually shaping the lifestyles and cultures according to technology’s own demands.

Not only is the human life, technology effecting almost everything around. Be it society, culture, government practices, market trends, economy, education, business; technology has its impacts on every other sector. Let’s discuss them a bit more briefly.

  • Technology and Business:

  • Businesses are directly affected by the technology. Also, the effect of technology can be directly felt by the business trends. Either adverse or proportional, the effect of technology is always there. Science and technology is making inventions and discoveries on the speed of light.

    Such discoveries of the science will become meaningless until there are going to be some competent business generating units for them too. Whatever science has discovered, it needs to go to the public or the end users. For this purpose, manufacturing units are required.

    Similarly, along with manufacturing, there needs a selling or marketing unit too. Thus, a whole business unit is required. In this way, it is concluded that science and technology are playing their part to evolve and enhance the business sector.

  • Technology and Economy:

  • As we discussed the impact of technology on business in detail. Similarly, technology effects economy widely. Speaking the truth, it is all interlinked. There are a lot of reasons why the economists are so interested in technology. However, the main reason is that it tells them what to do next. They most majorly think of new ways of doing things.

    The latest market trends and business trends shape the economic graphs and economy of any state and the whole world. Since technology is the major factor behind the business and market trends, it is, it has its important in the economic sector too.

    With the invention of any new technology, a new business unit is established. Thus, productivity starts and it increases too. With the increase of productivity and selling goods, great revenue comes, unemployment is reduced and economy grows as a whole.

  • Technology and Society:

  • New advancements in the technology are occurring daily. This world is growing a lot keeping just the technology in mind. With each passing day, the growth is getting more rapid. We are so busy enjoying the technology that we certainly do not pay much attention on how it is affecting the society. Obviously, it has certain effects when we use it in everything.

    Ever imagined how would life be if there was no telephone or transport system? Or if we had no system for water and electricity? Such advancements in the technology have made our living standards much better.

    It is to be seen that the inflation is increasing. The rates are getting higher. The unemployment rates are increasing as well. On the other hand, we are feeding well too. Our dressing, clothing and lifestyle has gotten better as a whole. With new technology coming, it serves the society. As a result, the comfort has been given.

  • Technology and Education:

  • Technology has increased the level of education in this era. Obviously, a cynic would say it is still the same, because it is not. It has improved over the time. Technology has its profound impacts on the modern day education system.

    In classical times, only the elites could afford education. Not everyone could easily have access to the books. People from far flung areas and regions had to reach a central area or urban place to access to books, libraries, educational institutions.

    However, the problem is resolved with time and the advent of the technology. Today, a large amount of guides are there. There is content available in the form of books, audio, video etc. Internet has made all easy and accessible. You can learn from all over the world with just the help of your computer or laptops.

    As a whole, scope of education has widened with the help of technology. Group studies are made easy even. There is immense information available over various sites over the internet. You can loop up to wikis. Also, Google docs helps us to make documents collaboratively. Sharing has become easy, learning has become easy and education level of the students have increased.

  • Technology and Research:

  • Technology plays a significant role in the education right from the elementary level till the post-doctorate level. Also, after that too. The technology has its link with research and development sector since ages. The connection is magnificent. The whole world depends upon research and development sector in a state.

    It was research done first, then technology was launched. Keeping the examples of spaceships and rockets in mind. It was years of research and study done. Math and physics calculations included. Then spaceships were development using the technology.

    Research compliments technology as it suggests new ideas and requirements as per the market trends. Technology also compliments the research department. In a way where technology is developed and implemented according to the research proposals.


As in the start of this discussion, we explained that change is constant and it remains as it is. There is also no set pattern for the change except for the fact that is remains constant. Technology also has similar nature as that of change. It keeps on upgrading according to the trends and requirements of the industry and market.

The trend is going to remain as it is, constantly upgrading. The lifestyle and economy should be growing with the positive use of the technology. After all, it has made our lives wonderful.

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